A few months ago, we gave you news that was so huge, many didn't believe it.

After years of saying no to a reunion, Robert Plant was finally going to give the fans what they want and join the surviving members of Led Zeppelin for a world tour.

Just the thought of such a thing is enough to make many Zeppelin fans tear up.

Now comes word that once again, Dr. Plant has decided he isn't sure if he's ready to take on such a long schedule. The official word from his camp is that Robert is still debating the whole idea; he's fine right now and doesn't know if the time is right.

Doesn't know if the time is right? The time has been right for over 30 years!

Come on Robert, get out there and give us some "Whole Lotta Love" live!

Or, keep doing the Alison Krauss thing and wake us when it's over.

Dave Hogan, Getty Images