Why you are taking tax tips from a radio station we don't know, but as a public service to our listeners we want to take this moment to remind you to be sure to file your tax returns on time this year. Oh,and wash behind your ears. Now in honor of the IRS, allow Jack FM to "tax" your patience with some last minute tax tips from our unpublished book "500 tax tips for Idiots". It's unpublished because we could only think of 10 tax tips.

Jack FM Tax Tip #42:

You cannot count JACK FM as a dependent on your taxes. But don’t let that stop you from sending us money every week.

Jack FM Tax Tip #76:

Do not write off funds embezzled from your job as a business expense.

Jack FM Tax Tip #84:

Avoid tax preperation advice from anyone wearing a Hawaiian shirt.

Jack FM Tax Tip #93:

Never fill out your tax return with a crayon, unless you’re sure you can stay inside the lines.

Jack FM Tax Tip #108:

Married couples earning less than $100,000 annually may qualify for a special federal credit if they purchased a nuclear submarine in the tax year.

Jack FM Tax Tip #213:

Filling in all zeroes and smiley faces on your tax form, allows the federal government to process your form faster.

Jack FM Tax Tip #327:

The IRS will be able to process your return faster if the pages aren’t stuck together with chicken wing sauce.

Jack FM Tax Tip #342:

Putting “Hello Kitty” stickers on your tax return may increase your chances of getting a better refund.

Jack FM Tax Tip #419:

If you haven't finished your taxes yet, now would be a good time to start pretending that you will actually get them filed on time.

Jack FM Tax Tip #464:

If you're seriously depending on Jack FM for tax advice, you have much larger issues.