A: Alcohol

B: Booze

C: Cheeseburger In Paradise

D: Dos Equis

E: Eating The Worm

F: Feeling Good, Feeling Good, Feeling Good, Feeling Good, Feeling Good...People, I Was Just Feeling Good.

G: Get Your Tickets Now

H: Hats

I: Intoxicating

J: Jammin'

K: Killer Sets From The Bands

L: Landshark

M: Margaritaville

N: Not Going To Stop Mixing Margaritas

O: One More Margarita!

P: Parrots Welcome

Q: Quick, Hide My Parrot Under My Shirt!

R: Rats, As In Mickey

S: Son Of A Son, Of A Son, Of A Sailor

T: Try The Clam Dip

U: Unlike Any Other Party

V: Very Nice Suntan

W: Welcome To The Gig

X: Xylophones Are Also Welcome On Stage

Y: You Need To Be There

Z: Zoom Into Mickey Rats Saturday for the Landshark Sun Of A Beach Festival!