You won't ever find me sleeping outside to get my hands on a pair of Gaga tickets but if you were to walk by my office right now you'd find me rocking out to Lady Gaga's newest single "The Edge of Glory." When I first heard the 3rd single from her soon to be released album "Born This Way" dropped, I really only wanted to listen to it to see who's sound she ripped off was inspired by this time.

Truth be told, this is a really fantastic song and it only gets better when Clarence Clemmons, the fantastically dressed sax player of Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band fame, rips a sax solo that makes you think you're driving down "Thunder Road" with The Boss.

Since Bruce retired the E-Street band here in Buffalo 2 Novembers ago...perhaps Gaga should give Little Steven and Clarence a call for a couple tour stops.