Sure, she’s hot. And she’s got curves in the right places. But seriously, what makes Kim Kardashian such a draw? Are her humps the only thing keeping her going?

This girl’s face is everywhere. I get it, she’s a looker. But what does she do? How did she get famous? I just don’t understand.

My boss wrote a Haiku on her Sketcher’s ad that ran during the Super Bowl (he’s a writer with a lot of time on his hands, apparently). For those of you not familiar, a Haiku is a Japanese poem, written in 17 syllables divided into three lines of five, seven and five syllables. It is as follows:

Kim Kardashian
Your butt is so very hard

Unlike my wiener

Upon sharing, what I think is a perfect description of the commercial, with my husband, I get reprimanded, "Jill, Kim is hot."

Frankly, I think she’s a drug possession arrest away from being Paris Hilton (because we all know she already has a sex tape – just like Paris).

Maybe I’m just jealous because my dream job is to get paid millions for doing nothing.