Journey fans may be in for a surprise the next time they see them in concert. Instead of hearing the usual montage of hits and new songs, you may hear one of Journey's classic albums front to back.

The band says that while they enjoy playing their new songs on tour, they know it would be special for the fans to do this.  “I think if we wanted to do a whole show of ‘Escape’ songs or ‘Frontiers’ songs, I think it would absolutely be fun to do," guitarist Neal Schon said. While it seems the idea is ready to be put into action, it is not without controversy. Many fans will say that it wouldn't be right to perform an entire album without former frontman Steve Perry, who quit the band. With that being said, we still think it would be awesome if Journey were to do this and would certainly be a must see show.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves though. Journey will be playing tonight at Darien Lake, and you can expect to hear songs from their newest album "Eclipse" as well as the classics you have come to expect.

See how Journey found their new singer, Arnel Pineda, from Youtube: