Who’s in bye-week hell? Who isn’t?

With the Atlanta Falcons, Philadelphia Eagles, Denver Broncos and San Diego Chargers on bye -- and, to a lesser extent the Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs -- there are holes in a lot of people’s lineups.

This is the when depth matters! If you don't have depth, you'll have to hit up the waiver wire. But who should you pick up? That’s what I'm here for!

Brandon Gibson -- HERO! This guy saved me last week. With Brandon Marshall on bye, I spent the week trying to trade one of my many running backs for a wide receiver. I found no dance partners, so I picked him up, and I'm glad I did. Seven catches and 91 yards later, Gibson helped me to a win. Danny Amendola was Sam Bradford’s favorite target, but he’s injured, and someone needs to catch the ball. Name me another WR on St. Louis! You can’t, so go big with Gibson!

Josh Gordon – ZERO! I read somewhere this week that Gordon may be becoming Brandon Weeden's favorite target. I disagree. First, he hasn't caught more than three passes in a game all season. Wes Welker catches more balls walking out to the mailbox in the morning. Second, IT’S CLEVELAND! I know that's a hypocritical thing to say since I'm writing this from Buffalo, but the truth is the same. Avoid Gordon unless it’s with Tonic!

Felix Jones – HERO! There’s an expiration date on this hero-ship. When DeMarco Murray comes back, Felix is back to the bench. But he's a great backup -- one of the best in the league -- and when he comes, in you won't miss a step! So Murray owners, and people in bye-week hell, pick him up!

Mike Williams – HERO! Just look at the targets, averaging seven targets a game for the last three weeks. Tampa Bay wants to get Williams the ball. He’s had back-to-back 100-yard games, and frankly, that offense doesn't have anything going on. Williams is a good flex player, moving up to a no. 2 wide receiver soon.

So that’s it -- a lot of heroes out there this week. But remember: This is not a science. Medicine -- now that’s a science.