Dr. Dirty John Valby has a new Dyngus Day song, and believe it or not, he manages to perform the whole thing without swearing. Well except for that line about Pussy-willows. It was recorded with "Those Idiots" who have also established a name for themselves for their offbeat brand of Polka. Valby will perform the song live this weekend with Polka Family at the "World's Largest Pre-Dyngus Day for All Generations" on Easter Sunday at the Millennium Hotel (why wait till Monday to get snookered) and again on Dyngus Day. This totally clean song is rare for Valby, even rarer than finding a picture of him where he isn't flipping the bird. He hasn't sold out has he? We can't promise you Valby won't break into Barnacle Bill during the show though.

 Here's the song, that should make you say Nostrovia!!