Singer John Parr was so moved by Tim Tebow that he decided to rework his #1 hit from 1985, "St. Elmo's Fire" into a tribute for the talk of the NFL. The new version, which he originally performed on ESPN back in October, is called "Tim Tebow's Fire." Usually such tributes are done by fans. So it's rare to have the original singer do it. Maybe it's just Parr's attempt to get back in the spotlight, but he told Denver's Fox News that he was "inspired by Tim Tebow". He said the song was modified in honor of the way Tebow "lives his life as being a great example".

While were all for Tebow-mania, Parr's remake and comparisons of Tebow's stats on Sunday to John 3:16 have officially put Tim Tebow in "Jump the Shark" territory. Tread carefully Mr. Tebow. We really want to root for you, but we're starting to waver.