John Waite has had a very good life.

First, hits with The Baby's (Isn't it time, every time I think of you, back on my feet again).

Then a respectable solo career (Missing you).

Let's not forget about his time with Bad English (When I see you smile).

These days, John's still playing around the globe and doing everything from Baby's to Bad English and back again.

You can count on John rolling thru Buffalo just about every other Summer as part of some affordable 80's rock show.

Now, can you name the member of The Baby's who made the most money?

It's Johnathan Cain.

After The Baby's broke up, Johnathan joined Journey and wrote a song titled 'Don't Stop Believing".

John is still playing with Journey and former Bad English guitar player Neil Schon.

Talk about six degrees of separation, we assume you are as confused as we are.