This week I made my video blog before writing this and if you watch it below I predicted that Buffalo would play really well today.  I had a feeling that they were going to turn this season around, but after losing 38-14 it was obviously not the right prediction…the first one I made for this season and it will certainly be the last one.

I am very disappointed with the Buffalo Bills this season, as are most Bills fans.  It is amazing to me that there is an NFL team with a 2 and 10 record.  The league has stated itself that they want to create “parity”.  By definition that means there is equality in status or value.  According to that goal it would seem that every week, with every match up there would be a close game.  There should be a true competition every game not lop-sidedness.  It seems to me that instead of creating parity they have created mediocrity.  Read more at