Welcome to Jack FM's fantasy football blog! Since there aren't many sillier things that grown adults do than pretend they're an NFL general manager and waste countless hours attempting to win a trophy made out of potato, this blog will not only be an advice column on who to add, who to drop, who to start and who to bench -- it will also be social commentary on the fantasy football culture.

Since it's time to hit up the waiver wire, here's a little section that will help you make the right decisions on who to pick. I'll let you know who the top pickups are, who will continue to succeed and who will fail!

CJ Spiller -- HERO! In his third year back, Spiller is finally showing why the Bills drafted him in the first round. With Freddie Jackson out for the next 3-8 weeks, CJ will be getting 100 percent of the carries, and the Bills are lucky to have had him. Their offense won’t miss a beat!

Kevin Ogletree -- ZERO! Ogletree's the most picked-up player in fantasy right now, and everyone who picks him up will be disappointed. Yes, he put up great numbers with the whole world watching, but long story short, he took passes meant for Jason “Exploding Spleen” Witten. Once Witten is 100 percent, Ogletree will fade away.

Jay Cutler -- HERO! Cutler's the real deal, and he finally has weapons! Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall are a phenomenal tandum, and rookie wide receiver Alshon Jeffery also proved that he’s ready for the NFL. Watch out for Chicago this year!

Alfred Morris -- ZERO! It didn't take long for Shanahanigans to start this year! Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan has a different favorite running back every week, and you rarely know who it is going in.

Brandon Lafell -- HERO! The no. 2 option in Carolina is turning into one of Cam Newton’s favorite targets! With Steve Smith drawing double coverage, Lafell will be left to run free, so pick him up and start him!

Contributed by Dennis Mazur