How do you describe Weezer? Quirky, right? The band made geek sheek in the 1990's with their debut album simply titled Weezer and became media darlings with their funny videos including the classic "Happy Days" inspired "Buddy Holly" video that incorporated the band into the TV show. But there aren't many bands who would release a second self-titled album, as Weezer did in 2001 when they began a comeback. The album became known to fans as "The Green Album" to differentiate it from their previous release. And then release a third self-titled album as they did in 2008 (which was renamed by fans as "the Red album"). Who does that? Weezer does odd things like their Van Halen-esque "W" they hang from the stage at every concert. Jack FM can respect that, because we do odd things too like Jack's Ticket Thingy. All day tomorrow you can win tickets to Weezer's highly anticipated show at Buffalo Place Rocks the Harbor. Listen to Jack FM at 9 a.m. and every hour until 5 p.m. for the cue to call. Leave us an entertaining, and hopefully odd message and we'll pick winners randomly from the best calls. Just don't weeze into the phone. That's lame.