It seems lately that almost every movie is being released with the option of viewing it in 3D.  On that note, the film "The Lion King" is back again!  Walt Disney has decided to re-release this film in 3D, but itwill only be in theatres for a short time period!  A few actors you may recgonize in the movie are Johnathan Taylor-Thomas, Matthew Broderick, James Earl Jones and Moira Kelly.

This film was first released in 1994 and although almost everyone has seen it, it does tell a great story!  The circle of life being viewed through the view point of animals! 

Here at Jack, we wonder what the box office number will be for this movie.  Will it be another re-released flop or will it bring in high numbers? 

The one thing we do know is that Walt Disney has no worries for the rest of their days and expect it to be a hit!

Check out the preview below: