Forget suspense. Don’t bother with drama. It’s animation that ruled at the box office this weekend. The family fun flick, "Rio," starring Anne Hathaway and Jesse Eisenberg, pulled in an estimated $40 million, making it the year’s best opening so far and blowing away its competition.

There wasn’t much screaming going on for "Scream 4." The latest installment of this highly anticipated franchise only brought $19.3 million. It seems to me a guy in a grim reaper costume with a knife just isn’t that scary anymore. Perhaps fans are sick of seeing Sydney run for her life while watching  a bunch of pretty young girls get  killed.   

In third place was last week's number-one movie, 'Hop,' with $11.2 million. 'Hop' marks one of two movies starring Russell Brand now in theaters. His other movie, 'Arthur,' dipped to sixth place this week, earning just $6.94 million.

Rounding out the top five were 'Soul Surfer,' with $7.4 million, and 'Hanna,' with a steady $7.3 million.

This weekend's other new release, the Robert Redford indie drama 'The Conspirator,' came in ninth place, with $3.9 million on just 707 screens.

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