Heading out to the movies this weekend? Here’s a rundown of what’s new. Matt Damon stars in “The Adjustment Bureau” as an up and coming U.S. congressman who falls for a ballet dancer. But their romance is affected by mysterious agents trying to keep them apart. To check out this sci-fi romantic thriller for free, enter for your chance to win tickets by becoming a Jack Freeloader. Let’s just hope Matt’s character doesn’t pull a Chris Lee and send a shirtless picture of himself. Then again…Okay, moving on to “Beastly” starring Vanessa Hudgens. That’s right. Zac Efron’s former flame in a real movie role. It’s a story of a handsome man who was cursed and now needs to find true love to reverse the spell. Sound familiar? Finally, a flick for the whole family, “Rango” starring Johnny Depp. The guy is even cool as a chameleon on a western adventure.