Over the years there have been some pretty memorable names in the sports world. Hockey has been fortunate to bear some these memorable names. Names such as Daren Puppa and Larry Playfair have worn a Sabres jersey in their pro hockey days.

Jack has put together a list of the10 best names found on the back of a hockey jersey.

  • 10

    Kamil Kreps

    The name works if he ever wants to open up his own pastry shop one day..It's just a suggestion.

  • 9

    John Vigilante

    His last name could describe more than just his playing style and his jersey is already one of the most popular selling in the American Hockey League.

  • 8

    Cal Clutterbuck

    His name may not sound macho, but since playing his first game in the pro's Clutterbuck has led the league in hits each of the past three seasons.

  • 7

    Larry Playfair

    A name well known to fans in Buffalo, Playfair suited up from 1978-86 and 1988-89 before retiring.

  • 6

    Daren Puppa

    This goalie also made an appearance in Buffalo as he would play a bulk of his career for two teams including the Lightning.

  • 5

    Bear Trapp

    The most popular name while in college and maybe still the best, Trapp made it to minor league hockey before turning overseas to play the game of hockey.

  • 4

    Dave Inkpen

    Inkpen never did get the opportunity to play in the NHL but he did suit up for the Oilers before heading to play in Germany, where his name became an instant classic.

  • 3

    Pokey Reddick

    Although his real first name is Aldon, Reddick played numerous stints in the NHL before traveling the country playing in different minor leagues.

  • 2

    Bill Quackenbush

    Quackenbush played for the Red Wings and Bruins during the '40's and '50's while being known as a fan and teammate favorite.

  • 1

    Grant Clitsome

    Clitsome (Pictured Above) plays for the Blue Jackets and draws eyes to his jersey every time he steps on the ice. #getsome