Going bald is something that no one wants to experience in life, but unfortunately it happens to both men and women... just ask our web director Len!

Most people start losing their hair as they get older, but it seems that about 30% of men are now starting to go bald in their 30s. While hair loss most often seems to be blamed on genetics, research has found that nutrition deficiany and stress can also play a factor. I'm sure Britney Spears can tell you all about how stress can cause you to go bald. Remember when she shaved her head?

Dirty or oily skin, using hair products or anything else that can clog the pores on your head can also cause hair loss.

Contrary to the name Male Pattern Baldness, the hereditary disease can also effect women. However, since it is powered by testosterone, it is less likely to affect women (unless you're a man who likes to dress like a woman).

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