Right around the time that Nelson horrified us with their Love and Affection video that blurred the lines between male and female hair styles, a revolution was brewing. Hair bands began jumping the shark. The hairband backlash not only fueled a new wave of music, but a change in fashion sense. Some bands singers went as far as shedding the hair completely. As Jack begins celebrating the beauty of bald with March Baldness, here's our Top 6 Baldies of Rock.

6. Right Said Fred

Not only did Right Said Fred make bald sexy, they made it "Too Sexy". Although still very androgynous, Right Said Fred was not only too sexy for this shirt, they were too sexy for this website. Put these two bald head together and it would be a doppelganger for the Twins on the Kardashians. Watch this video and tell us if you can tell who is Richard and who is Fred? What? They were a trio? Who cares about that guy he wasn't bald, nor was he too sexy.

5. Midnight Oil

It's not surprising that Midnight Oil drew comparisons to R.E.M in the late 80's when they burst on to the MTV scene with their socially conscious song "Beds are Burning". Sadly, Midnight Oil never matched that songs success, although they had another minor hit with "Blue Sky Mine" in 1990. But who could forget thier video from the hot Austrailan outback with bald lead singer Peter Garrett doing his best Michael Stipe impression, while pondering how we could sleep while our beds are burning. Even though Garrett looked like a reject from Mad Max, he took his bald head into activism , was named Austraila's Minister of the Environment and even served in thier House of Representitives. Not bad for a guy who was follically challenged.

4. Ed Kowalchuck

Soon after the arrival of Nirvana and Pearl Jam, Live burst onto the scene. But Lead singer Ed Kowalchuck wasn't naturally bald. Their debut album "Mental Jewlry" showcased a longer-haired Kowalchuck head-banging to "Operation Spirit". But Kowalchuk apparently busted out the shaving cream and blades to give him a new iconic look that he still carries today. And with the new look, Live vaulted to superstar status with thier album "Throwing Copper" which had 5 smash hits, including the bands biggest hit, "Lightning Crashes."

3. Sinead O' Connor

Best Known for  ripping up a picture of the pope on Saturday Night Live, Sinead O'Connor is one wacky Irish woman. Proving that bald women usually are a whole lot of crazy. Isn't that right Britney Spears? O'Connor briefly grew her hair back, but shaved again when people started asking her if she was  Enya.

"I don't feel like me unless I have my hair shaved. So even when I'm an old lady, I'm going to have it," O'Connor told People Magazine. She managed to get back in the news recently, filing for divorce from her husband, who she had only been married to for 16 days. Take that Kim Kardashian. Baldies Rule!!

2. Billy Corgan

When you think bald lead-singers is there any cooler than Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins. This guy is a walking, talking, singing Lex Luthor. He looks downright scary, but has proved to be a pretty normal guy. In fact, he's known for his sprituality which he must have used to get with Jessica Simpson for a while. But who hasn't, really? Even though the Pumpkins haven't been able to return to thier hit making status of the 90's, two albums, "Siamese Dream" and the 2 hour epic "Melancholy and the Infinate Sadness" still resonate in music and on the Jack FM airwaves.

1. Michael Stipe

Not only are R.E.M. the godfathers of alternative music, but Michael Stipe is the godfather of bodacious baldness . Like Kowalchuk, Stipe didn't always have the bald head. But right around the time the band started gaining national recognition with songs like "It's the End of the World" and "The One I Love" Stipe was sans hair. The band went on to release thier two most successful mastepieces after that, culminating with an international smash on the song "Losing My Religion" which Stipe grew back his hair for. But could have R.E.M. been one of the biggest bands in the world if it wasn't for Stipe's occasional bald head and eyeliner? Probably not. This look got him into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.