Who doesn't want a big slice of pizza these days. Whether it's just cheese or add on some pepperoni, everyone wants a slice that is more than you can handle. Pizza goes good with just about anything that we do these days from watching the big game on TV to going the fair.

Jack FM also gets that you may not exactly have the skills needed to make an awesome pie..or one that's even editable for that matter. Who doesn't want some PIZZA FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR!! It will be sure to make your pad the place to be for the next big game . You can win Jack’s Dumpy, Little Basement by listening daily at 9 am, 2 pm and 4 pm to get qualified and win a Jack FM Beer Helmet! You know you just have to click..Yes, its even easier than turning on your TV.

While your craving some pizza take a look below at the world's largest slice of pizza featured at Seaside Parks famous boardwalk.