Even though we don't believe everyone deserves a second chance... because honestly you should have paid attention during round one of our Kid Rock Sheryl Crow Ticket Thingy. So, when corporate told us we had to give away more tickets for this amazing concert we fought it a little. Until we realized some people probably called, and called, and called, like faithful listeners and didn't end up with anything to show for it, so we gave in.

Now, you can't go saying Jack FM never did anything for you! Make sure you listen today, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. every hour on the hour for your chance to win Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow tickets! Don't screw this one up. Make sure you have your phone in hand ready to win! Oh and just because we love music, check out some of our favorites from Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow... If you already heard them, too bad that's why they are our favorites!