The Hellenic Festival kicks off a busy summer of festivals and we did the hard part for you and put together a list of where you need to be this summer. Now, all you have to do is show up.Buffalo Greek Fest (June 1-3)

We believe there's a beautiful Greek dancer in all of us, so come show off your moves at the Hellenic Festival this Friday. Enjoy the authentic Greek food and bar tent all weekend, and if we're lucky your friends will post a video of you dancing on Facebook. Opa!

Polish Heritage Festival (June 8-9)

Anderson Cooper may appear as the Pussy Willow Prince during Dyngus Day 2013! Try to contain your excitement during this summer's Polish Heritage Festival, we don't want you doing anything embarassing that might send Cooper into a fit of giggles- again.

Allentown Art Festival (June 9-10)

Join the masses at the Allentown Art Festival where you can discover art forms you
never knew existed (and we're talking about the people). We never knew art could be that expensive.

Buffalo River Festival (June 15-17)

You finally have a reason to break out your boat shoes this summer.
The Buffalo River Festival will showcase boats and the newly rennovated Buffalo River Fest Park. This is the only time you can appropriately use the words "sea cock" and "abreast."

National Garden Festival (June 23-July 29)

Clear at least one day out of your schedule to attend the month long National Garden Festival. We can't think of a better date idea then a Garden Walk tour. It beats the flowers you were never going to buy her.

Taste of Buffalo (July 7-8)

Enjoy the best food Buffalo has to offer at the largest two-day food festival in the U.S. Enough said.

Eden Corn Festival (August 2-5)

Eat your body weight in corn AND square dance? Sign us up.

Scottish Festival (August 20)

Trying your hand at the bagpipes and wearing your best kilt is a surefire way to embarass your girlfriend this summer. So why not support the Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village while you're at it?

Irish Festival (August 24-25)

Why wait until March to binge drink...everyone's Irish at the Buffalo Irish Festival! Who could say no to three days of Irish dancing and beer imported from the homeland? Not us.

Tomato Festival (August 29-31)

We can't think of anything better then seeing the biggest tomato out of Buffalo, except joining a Tomato Eating Contest! Don't worry, we already signed you up at this Evangola State Park festival.

Lewiston Jazz Festival (August 24-25)

Besides Artpark, you now have another reason to travel to Lewiston this summer- the Lewiston Jazz Festival. So boogie on down- and don't let us catch you using the word "boogie."

Elmwood Art Festival (August 25-26)
The Elmwood Art Festival marks the two days a year when you can travel down Elmwood without feeling like you need to bring your hipster friend along. Enjoy the art, food and live music while you're there- and bring your hipster friend just in case you get lost.

National Buffalo Wing Festival (September 1-2)

Finally, the festival we've all been waiting for. We don't know if we should be sad that summer is over or happy that Wing Fest is here? But what better way to eat your feelings then over a plate of the best wings in the country?

*Contributed by Sara Johnson