On this tenth anniversary of the September 11th attacks on our country 92.9 Jack FM shares our memories of that day that no American should ever forget.

Its been ten years since September 11th, 2001, A day when nearly every part of our lives changed. The staff here at Jack FM share their person experiences on 911 and encourage all Americans to never forget this tragic day in our nation's history.

Joe Russo

I was the board op for the Howard Stern Show. Not sure if I want our listeners getting a plug for Howard. He did have incredible coverage though. People called from all over New York and he used his impressive list of friends to help get updates.

He was on the air until past 1 pm that day taking calls from people. Radios all over Buffalo were listening…I know because when I got a lunch break the hot dog stand guy was listening to Howard. There was a guy in his car just sitting there listening. People don’t do that with radio anymore. It was incredible radio, and better coverage than the news stations because people’s outrage was obvious and Howard broadcast it all. You got the true emotions of people who were so angry and wanted to bomb everybody. You didn’t get that from news stations.

Dean Sarago

I was getting ready for work and I had the television on (something I never do).
There it was, live footage of the first tower smoking and then in a blink of an eye the second plane hitting it.
My heart sank, at the time my brother lived in New York City so he was my first thought, I just stood in my living room dumbfounded…numb.

Len Schrantz

I was working in Washington D.C at the time and my wife was across the Potomac River in Virginia just about a mile away from the Pentagon building. A coworker told me about the first plane hitting the World Trade center and went to watch news coverage when the second plane hit. We instantly new that this was no random accident.

As you can imagine Washington became a city of chaos as police, FBI and Secret Service bagan securing buildings.  Thousands of people began leaving the city creating a massive traffic jam.

We soon got world of the crash at the Pentagon and I started to get concerned for my wife's safety since she worked on the 29th floor of the tallest building in the area. I was able to track down one of her coworkers in the crowd of thousands and was told that she had evacuated the building and was on her way home.

Even today I can remember 911 like it was yesterday.  I can see the panic on people's faces as they tried to make their way out of Washington.  I can see the Secret Service agents forming a perimeter around the White House with weapons at the ready.  And I can still hear the sound of fighter jets roaring overhead and thinking we were at war.  Here we are ten years later and we are still fighting this war.