Seems like Jack FM has started the trend outside of Buffalo as well.

A recent story on WNYC Radio in New York City was talking with Reeves Wiedeman (New York Magazine) about the recent article he wrote on Buffalo being a Bon Jovi-Free Zone. While we wish they would have mentioned us in a way that was more flattering to our figure...we have always been OK with taking what we get. (7:55 is where we are mentioned.)

...and that, my friends, is awesome to say the least. While we are an Adult Hits station and not a '80s Rock station like they least they gave us some love. Especially when we wrote the most horrible rendition of "Livin' On A Prayer." News about bad things travels, we guess.

Also, here is the video from the lawn fete where Bills fans booed a cover band for playing Bon Jovi.