Oh baby, it's warm outside! Since Buffalo is going through the worst drought since 1956, people all around the city have been trying to stay cool by going to the beach, visiting the public pools, running through sprinklers or even breaking down and buying an air conditioner unit.

But I like to stay cool by kicking back and enjoying a nice frosty beverage after a long day of work or play. Hey, you gotta treat yourself! I recently tried a Jack Daniel's Lynchburg Lemonade at home, and it's delicious and refreshing.



1 part Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey
1 part Sweet and Sour Mix
1 part Triple Sec
4 parts Sprite


Put all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice, shake it up and pour into your favorite ice-filled tall glass. I garnished my drink with a lime wedge -- very tasty!


This recipe is very easy, and you can make a large pitcher for the whole gang to enjoy (responsibly, of course!) by multiplying the ingredients by the number of your guests. To make it extra fun, give your friends a few different glass options to choose from, as it will keep everyone's drinks from getting mixed up. Enjoy!