Buffalonians are nice. Too nice. We tend to accept all people, no matter their flaws. I’m not 100% on this, but I’m pretty sure this is why our sports teams are suffering so badly.

Now, I’ve never been in charge of a sports team, but I know if I did as poor of a job as some players, coaches and GMs, I’d be unemployed. Sure, I understand a sports organizations can’t have too much turnover, but there comes a time when management must put a foot down and say enough is enough.

Lindy Ruff is a great guy. He’s amazing. He was a great player and coach. But – and it breaks my heart to say this – it’s time for him to go. We can no longer keep him just because he’s like a relative to all of us. He’s not getting the job done.

Now, I am in no way putting the blame of mediocre play solely on his shoulders. I think the Sabres need to look at a lot of things within that organization (namely the GM and a few players who have just been riding the coattails of others…Drew Stafford). But I just don’t see how Lindy can make it out of this season – another disappointing season – unscathed.

My recommendation? Keep him in the organization. He is a part of Buffalo, after all. Give him a different role and see what he does with it. But I think his time behind the bench is over. (Sorry, Lindy.)

Once our teams get over the attachment factor, maybe we can actually start making a playoff run. Or at least win a few more games.