The Bills have given us nothing to look forward to on the field, so it’s fitting that we get a little bit of a Christmas miracle today when the one and only Tim Tebow shows us what he’s got. (Well, he’ll show the few thousand Buffalonians who are actually going to the game.)

Let me get one thing straight though: I am a Bills fan. Yes, even though they flushed another season down the toilet, I’m going to watch – and cheer for – the Bills. But I can’t help but be a little intrigued by the fact that the Golden Child is here. At least we’ll have some sort of entertainment. I haven’t had a chance to see him play much, but I am oh so entertained by the talk surrounding him. The SNL skit was awesome. And the Skip Bayless remix makes me smile. My sister – a season ticket holder in Denver – hates him. We usually agree on a bunch of things. Not this though. Because I’m admitting right here to all of you that I like him.

Maybe it’s because the attention surrounding Tebow takes away from the attention Tom Brady gets. Maybe because Denver is one of the few teams that I can actually stand. Whatever. I’m pretty sure it’s because Tebow isn’t Brady. And that’s all that counts. Because we all know that if Tom Brady had this much attention on him, I’d be cutting myself.

So I’m enjoying the hype, for now. Until Tebow wins a bunch of Super Bowls and man-handles the Bills. But is that really going to happen? There’s only one divine being that knows for sure.

Go Bills.