Happy New Year! As we delve into 2012 with optimism and confidence, we all swear to change our ways. This is THE year we’ll change for the better. So, in honor of this, I’ve created my top 10 list of personal resolutions for 2012.

1. Stop swearing. (Or at least stop swearing so much.) When I look at someone like they’re trash because they used the “F” word, it’s probably time I stop using that word myself.

2. Stop eating like a pig. There is no need to eat McDonald’s twice in one day. I’m not an active teenager anymore.

3. Get off my lazy butt. Working out once a week doesn’t cut it. Especially if I’m eating McDonald’s twice in one day.

4. Become a decision maker. What we have for dinner should not cause stress. Pick something and cook it.

5. Stop shopping for myself. For at least three months. That means no new shoes. Until April 1.

6. Do (at least) one good deed every day. Fake compliments don’t count.

7. Do the dishes right after dinner every night. (This one will be the hardest.)

8. Quit complaining. (Or, again, so much.)

9. Try to be more positive. I’ll have to take into account the old saying, “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all.”

10. Ease off the gossip. Even though it’s oh-so-fun to talk about people I work with.

Hmmm, maybe 10 is too many…