At the Sabres game on Tuesday, I saw an interesting sight on the Jumbotron – owner Terry Pegula and his right-hand man Ted Black sitting with the fans. In the 300 level.

Say what?

I couldn’t believe my eyes, to say the least. Sure, I had read Mr. Black’s correspondences with fans about the suggestions we have all been submitting. He told one fan that he wanted to wait in line for a hotdog and beer to get the full experience. Suuuure he did.

Well, dog my cat, there he was, in the nosebleed section with the new owner. Wow.

It actually brings tears to my eyes (yes, I get very emotional about my Sabres), to see someone take such a vested interest in not only the team, but the fans, too. And it’s not just one guy, but his family and his management team as well.

This is exactly what Buffalo needs. I mean, think about it – we’d be bitching our brains out about only being in eighth seed (as of Tuesday’s game). But instead, we’re filled with hope. Plus, we have new (and free!) commemorative towels and high-gloss programs, new music, an “end of intermission” warning and more. Even the organist was banging out some new tunes. (He was jamming to “Can’t Touch This” by the one and only MC Hammer. Not kidding!)

Someone arrange a meeting with T. Pegs for me please, because I’d like to give him a biiiiiiiig hug.