I’ll admit, I’m going to the game today, so I’m writing this before the teams take the field. But there’s a chance that J.P. Losman himself may be taking snaps against the Bills. And to be honest, that kind of makes me sick.

It should make me happy. I mean, I saw the way he played for Buffalo. But the fact that he crashed and burned here makes me nervous.

Take a look around the league. Some of our former players are kicking ass and taking names now that we’ve pushed them aside. McGahee. Lynch. Maybin. They all seem to be dominating with their new teams. And the Bills are…how do I put this nicely…struggling.

Sure, J.P. may have a striking resemblance to Keanu Reeves’ character in “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” but he’s no dummy. He knows he’s got something to prove. He knows just whom he has to prove it to.

It should make for an interesting day if Matt Moore’s concussion symptoms flare up. Let’s just hope – whether J.P. takes the field or not – we remain comfortable with our decision. Go Bills.