Now that football season is back, along with that comes "Fantasy Football."  This is for all the major dorks out there who spend money to live in some fantasy world of coaching a football team. The participants all get together and make teams of their own by choosing players from the NFL.  They are able to add/drop, trade, draft and change players.  There are even different types of leagues involved in this shindig.  The rules and regulations are not the same for everyone in the world who plays fantasy football.  This is where it starts to get ugly..

As I sit in the office, I hear the guys always discussing this really cool game in the hallways.  I may have even witnessed a few screaming matches that did not end so well.  I also noticed some of the men even have a tab already open on their computer, to keep reviewing updates on players!!!  This is when it all came to me that fantasy football indeed is addicting.  This year alone $600 million to $1 billion will be spent on fantasy football.  All this money being spent when  it results in screaming matches, scandalous behavior and broken friendships!!

 What is next ladies of America who too have to deal with this?  A broken fist?  Football rosters on every T.V in your home?? 

Help break the addiction but first take the quiz below to see if you are that addictive person!