OK, OK, I’m kind of being a jerk. But honestly, as I type this, I’m wrapped in a blanket with a heater on.

You see, this is why I don’t mind the 90+ temperatures: people abuse air conditioning. And since I’m freezing at least six months of the year, I have no desire to even have a slight chill during the summer months.

Yes, I know extreme heat is dangerous to some. My poor pup is dying to be shaved. And I have a desk job, so I’m not exposed to the heat all day. But honestly, how often does it get this warm? My sister used to work at a place that would let them leave at noon if the mercury ever got above 80 degrees. And I don’t remember her leaving early that often. (Boy, do I wish we had that rule where I work.)

But go ahead and crank those air conditioners. In a few short months the cold complaints will start rolling in again and I’ll start rolling my eyes.