Every once in a while, you have to spice up your life a little bit. Your opportunity may come in a couple weeks, on Thanksgiving.So you're going to host the family at your house for the annual dinner, serving the traditional foods that have been eaten on that day for almost 400 years. The settlers feasted to celebrate the harvest; we feast because we like to eat. You'll wake up early to start the turkey, but by the time the guests arrive, it will either still be frozen or so dry that all the gravy in the world couldn't moisten it. Aunt Bernice will bring the mashed potatoes, but she'll forget that the pilgrims didn't have an instant mix. The same will go for Uncle Rich, who is on cranberry sauce duty. What will be for dessert? Let's hope the grocery store makes a good sweet potato pie like last year.

Back to my point: You should try something different this Thanksgiving. Thanks to the guys at Epic Meal Time, you have video instructions at your disposal. For their meal, they stuff a quail, Cornish hen, duck, chicken and turkey inside of a pig. They then wrap the pig in bacon, after basting it with their homemade Dr. Pepper sauce. After smoking the pig (and all the creatures inside) for several hours, they feast.

Watch the video below, and let us know if you're going to try it yourself!  And don't forget to join Jack FM's Coalition to Save Thanksgiving on Facebook -- a division of the World Turkey Federation (WTF).