Cars pulled over to the side of the road last night (Tuesday, October 2) to catch a glimpse as the Erie County Harbor Development Corporation tested a lighting process that illuminated the grain mills in the Outer Harbor. For some time now, we have been pondering the question of what to do with these iconic buildings. While we can all agree that there is a history to them, right now, they just seem like eyesores showcasing days gone by. But the lighting of the elevators by a Montreal-based company showed that maybe there's still life in these old dogs. The process allows images to be projected onto the buildings like a movie screen.

Work in restoring our waterfront has become a top priority, beginning with Canalside. This past summer, the move of Buffalo Place's Thursday night concert series to the waterfront proved to be a great attraction, bringing people back down to the water. Small projects like adding benches and beautifying the area have also gone a long way to improving the waterfront experience, and next year's Webster block project will also attract more visitors.

Don't look now, but something big may actually be happening with Buffalo's waterfront. It's about time.