If you're getting ready to get out of this snow here in Western New York, make sure you remember some of these general dates where prices drop. One day can make a difference between paying a boat load and getting a killer deal.

First off, weekdays are always cheaper in general. If you have to fly on the weekend, Saturday is generally always going to be less expensive. Throughout the year there are general times where prices will spike, so they are worth noting.

Caribbean deals?

  • Always fly before Valentine's Day. Generally, after that prices will start getting an instant hike.

Domestic Flights?

  • Fly by March 16: Last day of cheap winter prices; higher spring fares begin March 17.
  • Fly by June 9: If you delay departure until June 10, you'll pay peak summer fares.
  • End-of-Summer deals kick in mid-August, especially on weekdays.
  • Fall prices will drop beginning of September.