Last night I went to a fund-raising event for a local club. It was the organization’s most successful event ever. This club, which I am purposefully not naming, has been around for years, but has had little success at its events. Its members couldn’t understand why happy hours and meetings were poorly attended. Now they know.

Like many past events, last night’s was held at local bar. And with all tips going to the club’s scholarship fund, the group was optimistic that it would be an exciting and successful event. They were right. See, they’ve been missing a key element all these years: open bar.

The drinks were flowing and the words were slurring in no time. And with every drink, the tip jars filled up with more than just one-dollar bills. There was even word about checks being written. After two hours and about 100 attendees, the club had raised more than a few thousand dollars.

You’ve heard of liquid courage. And there’s the lesser-known liquid generosity.

So if you’re looking to strike it rich at your next event, bring on the booze.