So, the Mega Millions  jackpot was $640 million. And I didn’t win. Bummer, right? But I still like to dream. That’s why I’m brining you the list of things I would do had I won:

1. Throw the biggest, most kick-ass party.

And I’d invite all my friends from all over the world. But I wouldn’t invite those “friends” I’m forced to hang out with even though I don’t really like them. They can stay home.

2. Hire someone to do just about everything for me.

My own hair and make-up person, a fashion consultant, a grocery shopper, a maid, a chauffer since I’m a terrible driver, a lawyer, a bookkeeper, a trainer, another maid…

3. Travel to every place I’ve ever dreamed of.

Bora Bora and Fiji are on the top of the list. And maybe I’d bring along some friends so my husband and I have people to party with.

4. Two words: plastic surgeon.

Because you know all those exotic foods and daiquiris are going to add up and there’s no way I’m working out on vacation. I’ll just have my doctor suck it all out of me.

5. Pay off my bills and live a debt free life.

Until I buy my own island.

Maybe this list is too selfish. Maybe that’s why I didn’t win.