It’s the most wonderful time of the year – playoff hockey has finally arrived! I may sound like a loser, but I live for this stuff. It controls my life and I have to schedule everything around it. (Just ask my mom, whose birthday is the night of Game 5. Sorry, mom!)

There are so many reasons to get pumped for the Sabres, even if you don’t watch hockey regularly. First and foremost, it brings us Buffalonians together. It’s the one time out of the entire year that we check our “oh woe is me” attitudes and take on the town. I bet if you looked at the numbers, businesses around the area thrive during the time the first puck is dropped until it’s time to hit the courses.

It also makes going to work a little easier, too. You’re excited, so you’ve got more energy. You’ve also got something to talk about with the doldrums around your office.

And finally, there’s just no better feeling than when you walk into that arena and it’s bumpin’ (yeah, I said bumpin’). Even if you’re just at the Party in the Plaza, watching at home or at a bar, you feel the rush. You have hope. You possibly have a mini heart attack (e.g. Game 1 of the series).

Fifteen more wins to go. Let’s go Sabres!