Technology has given us so much over the years. If you think back to the years of Sony Walkmans, typewriters, filmstrips, etc., you can’t help to be wowed – and extremely thankful – for the advancements.

But you can take away my iPod. You can take away my DVR. Just please – PLEASE – don’t take away my spell check.

Spell check has completely ruined me. And I’m a writer. I know that no matter what program I’m typing in on my Mac, whether it be a Word document or a Facebook post, spell check’s got my back.

But spell check isn’t always there for me. Like when I’m writing things on a white board in front of a group of colleagues. Or when I’m trying to take my husband down in Words with Friends. It’s in these moments when my true colors are exposed and I am humiliated.

And so, here I sit, waiting for the next advancement in technology. Keeping my fingers crossed that spell check will no longer be limited to electronic devices.