I believe that with everything in life, you need to have a lighthearted sense of humor. So I took a break from watching the "live coverage" (see, I made a joke!) of the Games to dig up some of the interesting and hilarious Olympics commentary that's out there on the interwebs.

I mean, how can you not giggle at the fact that this year's competition is the XXX Summer Olympics?! (Then again, I'm not that mature.) Here are five other amusing Olympics-related things I found.

@NBCDelayed. This parody account features "News and Sports brought to you tape delayed for your viewing pleasure by NBC." One of my personal favorite tweets from the account:

Too Much Olympics. Glove and Boots have a (hilarious) theory about the Olympics becoming "The Blob with a track suit on." You just gotta watch it!

The 10 Best Pictures From The Olympics So Far. These photos made me LOL -- literally! The third one is a personal favorite. Apparently someone really doesn't know where Australia is located.

Olympic Diving Face Humor. Our friends over at TheFW, along with a few other people out there on the 'net, are taking the photographic coverage of Olympic diving -- or at least Olympic divers' faces -- to a whole new level. Who doesn't love a little toilet humor?

Michelle Jenneke Creeper (LIVE). This video -- a spoof of Aussie hurdler Michelle Jenneke doing her warm-up routine while getting leered at by a dude-bro -- has gone viral. It's not real, but it's really funny.