Nothing is more amazing on St. Patrick's Day then a tall glass of Guinness... unless it's a tall glass of Guinness with a Shamrock shaped into the foam! What could bring you more luck than that?  Now, the only trick is how to do it. Good thing I have had some personal experience serving some die hard Guinness lovers. Reminder this must be done from a tap.

Step 1: Get your Guinness pint glass and fill it just about half way.

Step 2: Let it sit until air divots form in the foam at the top. Just like when you make pancakes and the bubbles pop, it forms little divots, that's the look you are aiming for.

Step 3: Slowly begin to let the tap open, allowing you to control how thick the Guinness stream is. Beginners will, most likely, not be able to make the heats that you see above, so starting with a three leaf clover is completely acceptable.  As you slowly fill the remainder of the pint glass start with the stream in the middle and make a sideways 8, ending you back in the middle.

Step 4: Once you have made the sideways 8, and are back in the middle, make a balloon. Starting from the middle with the balloon above and the string below and the 8 splitting it in half .

Step 5: Step back and admire your masterpiece! Congratulations you are a Guinness artist!

This must be done in a timely fashion otherwise you will overflow your beer.  For those of you who are professional at pouring beer, you might already know how to do this, when you make the 8, just put hearts in the loops and same with the balloon in order to duplicate the photo above. And now you have an official Guinness!