Once again Friday the 13th is here! Not sure how many of you out there dread this unlucky day, but personally I don't need anymore bad luck in my life and I will do anything to keep "bad omens" away! For anyone, that fits in the category of unlucky, here are a few tips on how to get through another Friday the 13th from Encino Patch!

Friday The 13th Survival Guide:

Avoid Black Cats-

What ever you do, if you see a black cat turn around and run in the other direction! If you don't know by now the superstition of black cats, just take my word for it, you don't want to deal with that cut of tea!

Breaking A Mirror, 7 Years Bad Luck?-

Not anymore! Breaking a mirror is one of the more infamous threats of Friday the 13th. Ever since I was a little kid, I knew this unlucky superstition, and the worst thing is it doesn't only apply to Friday the 13th. But, here is how to reverse the curse!  If you break a mirror don't touch the it. Next step pawn if off on that crafty friend who is always making something from nothing.  Hey, she can turn it into say, a mosaic or something along those lines, and you will not deal with the consequences!

Avoid Ladders-

Another infamous superstition, because honestly what happened if you hit the ladder and someone was on it... yeah, bet you didn't think about that.  But, truly just avoid ladders, and especially walking under them!

So there's a few of the what not to do's. One tip that "supposedly" will bring you a year of good luck... Stay in bed the entire day of Friday the 13th! Sorry, but this superstition sucks. No way am I wasting an entire day to bed rest! Especially since it is May, and beautiful out! If it was winter, maybe that could be an option.  Even then I would want to enjoy the snow!