Getty Images/DC Comics

What are the people at Warner Bros. thinking? After the success of ‘The Avengers,’ there was no doubt that DC Comics had to respond with their own supergroup of superheroes, and the ‘Justice League‘ fits the bill. But to put Ben Affleck at the helm and actually let him act in the movie -- are they insane?!

Affleck may be the most over-rated actor and director in Hollywood. Sure he has an Oscar for his work in 'Good Will Hunting', but if his body of work has taught us anything, it's that Matt Damon was the real talent in that duo. How do you like them apples?

Affleck's portrayal of the Daredevil nearly ruined the super-hero franchise before it reached it's peak. Hell, why not cast Halle Berry as Wonder Woman and that lame dude who played Cyclops in 'X-Men' and really kill the franchise!

Affleck is a symbol for blockbuster hype with little return. Every time I see re-runs of 'Armageddon,' I'm reminded of the time I broke up with my girlfriend of two years who cried when Bruce Willis died and was actually moved by his boring dialogue. This guy's movies blow! I mean how do you screw up a movie about Pearl Harbor? Oh yeah, make it a love story and cast Ben Affleck.

If DC and Warner Bros. want to see this franchise work, they need to get the right people on board. That starts with Kevin Smith, the director who brought us 'Clerks.' He's a superfan and even gave DC a sweet Superman treatment when they decided to reboot the franchise (watch this hilarious 20 minute video to get a glimpse as to why they can't make a decent Superman movie).

With the exception of Batman, Warner Brothers continues to screw up their super films by shelving projects and talking to the wrong people. Next year's "Man of Steel" better be the best Superhero movie yet, or it might not even matter.

The only good that could come from Affleck involved in the Justice League is if he just stuck to directing, but he has openly said he only directs films that he stars in. Can't wait to hear that compelling dialogue.