While it’s not the same hatred I have for the New England Patriots, I do hate the New York Jets.

Maybe it’s the way some members of the media put the wrong emphasis on the wrong part of Mark Sanchez’s name. (It’s Sanchez. Not San CHEZ.) Or Rex Ryan. That guy is all talk. But this year, I have a new reason to loathe the gangrene: Aaron Maybin.

Wasn’t he supposed to be the cat’s meow in Buffalo? He was drafted high and held out for more money. When he finally agreed to a contract, us Buffalo fans were ready to rock.

But not Maybin. I don’t have to remind you that he sucked more that a suckerfish in a tank full of algae.

And now he’s on fire. Three sacks in four games. Three forced fumbles.

I’m sorry. What?

Do I believe that he tanked in Buffalo purposefully to get traded? Nope. Do I think he’s actually a good football player? Nope. I think he’s getting lucky. At least, that’s what I hope it is.

That’s why a big part of me wants the Bills to demolish him this weekend. I hope he gets dismantled. I hope he stumbles around like a drunken idiot who can’t put a sentence together, let alone coordinated footwork.

He said it’s going to be an emotional game for him. Let’s hope he goes home crying.

Go Bills.