We've all hear of the rumor "if he's got small feet, then he must have a small... package", but over the years people have found that this might not be true! Well ladies and gents, there is a new study that has actually proved to be quite reliable. Read this closely, and remember it. The key is in their hands! If a man's second and fourth finger are the same length or very close to, then studies have shown these men are well in doubt!

Researchers at Gachon University’s Gil Hospital, in South Korea, measured fingers and stretched out penises of 144 volunteer's. This data led them to the conclusion, a smaller ratio between the index finger and ring finger directly linked to a longer stretched penis (The size of a stretched penis is close to the same as an erect one.)

So ladies, the next date you go on, make sure to check out his hands, and not just to hold!