If you went to see Pearl Jam Saturday night at First Niagara Center, you witnessed a fantastic set.

If you go see Pearl Jam this week in New York city, you'll see another fantastic set, but not the same songs in the same order.

In an age where rock concerts are as choreographed as a ballet, Pearl Jam breaks the rules.

Like few other bands (The Dead, Springsteen, Dave Mathews), the band sits down before every show and maps out what to play in what order that night.

Then, if something doesn't feel right, they'll change it on the spot on stage.

That's just what happened Saturday night, as Eddie had to re start a song and even changed the order of upcoming songs in the set.

"We better pace ourselves" Eddie said.

Good idea, as the show was one that even Bruce himself would have admired.

Did we mention we have a trip to see Pearl Jam live in L.A?