With all the negative publicity surrounding economic development in Buffalo, it's nice to report on some real progress in the city. The latest is the reopening of the Hotel Lafayette tonight with a black tie event that is expected to have some 2000 guests. Developer Marco Termini has redone the joint at a price tag of about 42 million and put a great deal of effort of returning this Buffalo landmark to it's Pan am Expo days of glory. There are already 200 events booked at the renovated hotel and people have gobbled up almost all of the 115 Apartments available. Now if I can just get somebody to dish out the $900-$1200 a month it will take to rent one out. I've seen some of the pictures, but I can't wait to see what it looks like inside for myself. Termini wants to see Lafayette Square become the new economic center in the city, and we'd love to see that too. Because right now it's hard to find a place to go to lunch outside our dumpy, little studio. We're hoping to see some more success stories like this and can't wait to see what he does with the Old AM&A's building.