While we have been known to have a listener or two cry over some of the song selections here at Jack FM, we have yet to have an emotional breakdown of our own (Don't worry, it's coming). The Wall Street Journal says that workers need to control their emotions at work and not vent. Whatever you do, don't cry. Especially if you're a man.

However, it's also not good to surpress your emotions. Experts suggest that you excuse yourself and go home. Which might be hard to do while your lip is quivering in front of your superior as you ask to be excused.

One solution is too write out your feelings. Stopping to reflect will allow you to cool down and deconstruct the problem. According to the Journal report, "the unhealthful result of what experts call emotional suppression has been shown in studies to cloud thinking, promote job unhappiness and negatively impact work performance."

Obviously there is a stigma attached to crying at work, especially if you're a man (and haven't just lost a limb to a power saw or just watched Rudy).