Relax all my Heavy Metal, headbanging brethren, it's not happening.  But the thought that it could sends a shiver through my body I haven't felt since Pat Boone released, In A Metal Mood: No More Mr. Nice Guy, a collection of heavy metal covers back in 1997.The band's former guitarist Slash has revealed that he and front man,  Axl Rose were approached by the hit TV show's producers about a possible episode themed around their hits, but opted not to be a part of the Golden Globe-winning musical comedy series.    For me, not since Karaoke has a single entity ruined more music for me than GLEE.  Check out what Slash had to say HERE.  

Below is a list of some artists and bands (in no particular order), that I grew up listening to.   The following have already been regurgetated by the GLEE MACHINE.

Van Halen (Ed -I know divorce can be expensive but come on)

Queen (Freddy gets a pass.  I'm looking at you Brian May)

Journey, Bon Jovi, Reo Speedwagon, Poison (Yeah, that's about right)

KISS (Hello?  Royalties?  It's Gene Simmons)

Aerosmith (Steven Tyler is on American Idol, 'nuff said!)

The Doors (Jim gets a pass too, he is no longer with us to have a say)

John Lennon (See the Doors)

The Rolling Stones (Whatever)


The Beatles (They just hit iTunes, the flood gates of commerce are wide open)

Bruce Springsteen (Boss?  Say it ain't so?!?)