Life sure has been funny for the members of Green Day.

First, you start out as a punk band that hates big corporate record labels. Then, you put out a CD on a big corporate record label and it sells over 9 millions copies. Then the next few followups stiff, and everyone thinks your band is over.

Then, you release what many think is the best CD of the last 20 years (American Idiot), and you are back on top of the same corporate record label that you hated in the first place.

Then, your lead singer has a meltdown on stage in front of 20,000 people and checks himself into rehab, just as you are releasing the first of three albums in a three-month period.

Such is the life of Green Day, and the boys in the band seem to be taking it all very well.

The band is heathly and back in the studio, working on a single album (thank you). Look for it and a return to the road in early 2014.

The Replacements never had this much fun.

Ethan Miller, Getty Images